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Take Care of One Another

The US Navy Seals are one the most elite military groups in the world. If you ask them what it takes to become a Seal, it's not about toughness, strength, ability, confidence or talent. It's about how, when pressed to the bitter end...when physically and mentally exhausted...they consistently do ONE more thing for their comrades. They sacrifice for others. They focus their energy - from beginning to end - on others. They will fight...and die...for one another.

That is what makes a person great. That is what makes a leader great. That is what makes humanity great.

The world is too difficult and too challenging to believe that we can make it without help from others. So learn to accept help from others. Who are you going to ask for help and when are you going to accept help when it is offered? When you learn to accept help from others, you will realize how much people desire to help. Open your mind towards accepting it. Learn to practice helping others. It will be the single most valuable thing you will learn in your life.

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