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Carli Recker

Licensed Social Worker [LSW]

Therapy, at its best, combines both insight and action. Understanding ourselves better can provide a kinder and less judgmental frame of understanding how we got here. But taking steps (both in life and during therapy) to heal and make changes is also essential for a satisfying outcome. That’s why my approach as a therapist combines the depth of insight-oriented psychotherapies and mindfulness with the action-oriented aspects of behavioral therapies and techniques.  

I believe deeply in the ability we all have to grow and create an engaged and meaningful life. My role as a therapist involves a deep commitment to developing an understanding of my client’s perspective. 

Self-empowerment, radical acceptance, and authentic human connection will be the cornerstone of our work. I utilize strength-based, affirmative, and neuroscientific theory to guide us... but healing doesn’t happen via theory. It lies in you—your hopes, hardships, successes, and infinite wisdom. Sometimes we’ll laugh. Often, we’ll cry. But either way... we’ll be in it together.  


Carli obtained a Master of Clinical Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago in 2013 with a specialization in mental health. She works with individuals ranging from adolescents to senior adults who are experiencing issues such as acute mental illness, chronic pain, depression, life transitions, interpersonal problems, grief & loss, eating issues, and trauma. Carli engages with warmth, compassion, and flexibility.  

A Rockford native, Carli is married and has 3 children. In her free time, you can find her in the baseball stands cheering on her son, listening to Taylor Swift with her daughters, and volunteering.  She describes herself as a lifelong learner and is almost always reading 2 or 3 different books at any given time.  

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