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"COVID has had a terrible effect on my life - personally and professionally.  My wife and I both were at a breaking point.  She urged me to call someone to have someone to talk to and I heard about Restore from a friend.  I was very hesitant to talk to a therapist, but man am I glad I did!  I have been seeing Jeff for a few months now and I am doing so much better than I was before.  My wife has seen a big difference in me and she is now seeing Vicki at Restore.  If you are feeling Restore!  They will help!"


"I absolutely LOVE Restore.  It's so comfortable & positive there.

Everyone is happy and helpful. 


They are all so friendly.  Vicki Hominick is the BEST!"  


"Restore is a very comfortable place to be. They are very knowledgeable and they treat you like a person, not a number.


I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with addiction - or anything else. 


They know what they are doing. I can't thank them enough."


"At Restore they know what they are talking about and they've been doing it for a long time."


My experience with Restore has been very uplifting.  I found you guys through my insurance when I was a rock bottom!  I can't sing your praises enough!  Thank you for being there!


"In the beginning, I was apprehensive. Restore made me feel comfortable early on in the process. 


The sessions quickly became enjoyable and I looked forward to coming.​


I would highly recommend

Restore to anyone who is serious about living without acting on their addiction."


I used to HATE going to counseling. Now, Amanda has definitely changed my mind about the whole thing. The building is so peaceful.  The people are great. 


I highly recommend people to come here.


Thank you Amanda and Misty for giving me a great experience!!


"Regardless of what your issues or addictions are, they do much more than just addiction counseling. 


They do marriage counseling. They do family counseling. They do group counseling.


It's a nice, safe, comforting place to be able to talk and you feel secure there in talking about it. I would definitely send anyone to Restore."


"I was slowly killing myself, day by day. Now, after leaving your individual sessions, life is gradually being created once more within me."


"I LOVE Restore!  Great place!  Great people! 


Anita is so warm and caring!  She has great insight and has really helped me develop a better perspective about me and about my life.


I recommend Restore to everyone I know.


We ALL can benefit from therapy! 

Especially these days!"


"The Intensive Outpatient Program at Restore is not a program that is court mandated.


I'd been to another facility with a lot of court-mandated clients and it felt very industrial, very cold. 

Restore has a warm, comfortable feeling to it.  You feel safe there.


You feel very private. 

You feel right at home.


It's a really different experience. "


"After unsucessfully trying two different therapists in Rockford, my husband and I were ready to give up on our marriage. We heard about Restore from a friend who was able to save her marriage through one of the Restore counselors. We decided to give it a try. There was a world of difference between what we experienced in the past with other therapists and what we were able to work through with our counselor at Restore! Incredible difference! 


Our counselor worked with us on very specific goals and exercises for us to help us undo years of bad habits in interacting with one another. 


It truly saved our marriage! 


We have referred several friends to Restore and they have also had excellent experiences there!  We cannot say loudly enough how grateful we are for the counseling we received at Restore! What a great place!"


"A little over a year ago, I was at a very bad place in my life. I had known for quite a few years that I had a problem, but I was afraid to get help.


I am so thankful to be free from addiction today. I am grateful for the help, support, education, and tools that I received from the Intensive Outpatient Program."


"When I came to Restore I was ending a 40+ year marriage.


I was drinking daily and heavily and I felt I had no value to society.

After 10 months of treatment involving both classes and individual counseling I am happy to say I am happier and more sure of myself than I have been most of my life.  I have value...a lot of value! 


Tom, Jeff and Amanda have done an unbelievable job of cleansing my brain and my thoughts. I am alcohol free, secure in myself and just plain HAPPY!"


Tom has literally changed my life!  I started with him before Restore and followed him until now. 


I am going on almost 10 years with him and am not stopping here! 


I recommend him and Restore to literally everyone!!


"I am so happy that I found Restore! It's truly the best counseling agency in town! 


I have tried a few places over the years and have had a significantly better experience here! 


Great staff!

Great office!

Vicki H. is amazing! "


"Restore is a wonderful place to be. You feel safe. You feel like you are with people who know what you're going through. They are on top of everything and if you need them, they are there...which is the most comforting thing!


I've always said to them that Restore is my safe place. If I need somewhere to go if I'm not doing well... call Restore! It's a calming place.


I never want to stop going there!"


"Restore is a really serene place. It's very calming.  From the front desk people to the counselors that

you deal with on a weekly basis, the serenity is there.


The understanding is there. It's real!


They understand what you're struggling with and they give you the knowledge and skills to get through it."


"The clinicians and program at Restore changed my life!

 I can't put into words what I've gained back in my life. 

I would never pay them back for how much they have helped me."

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