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Child/Adolescent Therapy

Children and adolescents will meet every 7-10 days with a clinical therapist to explore, at an age-appropriate level, their feelings, behaviors, coping strategies, and relationships. Parents, sibling, and other adult involvement (e.g., step-parents, grandparents, etc.) are a critical part of successful therapy for this client population.  Therefore, recommended treatment typically includes close involvement of significant adults, particularly the parents. After a comprehensive assessment, your clinician will work with the young person and his/her family to individualize a treatment plan to effectively respond to the young person’s needs. Typical therapeutic methods may include the following approaches: Strategic family therapy, emotional-focused therapy, communication effectiveness training, conflict management and negotiation, play therapy for children, anger management and others.

Clinicians Specializing in Child Therapy

Clinicians Specializing in Adolescent Therapy

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