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Restore Balance. Restore You.

Restore Counseling & Recovery was founded in January of 2013 by Tom Mlodzik, a licensed clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, drug and alcohol counselor and ethicist. The agency was established to be a place of renewal and conversion, a haven for treating the human condition vulnerable to brokenness. His vision for the agency is summarized in the company’s vision statement below:


To restore in every person health, balance, and dignity; to empower lasting and meaningful relationships; and to strengthen personal integrity and inner peace through therapeutic encounters designed to heal brokenness and to restore goodness to human life.

Restore Office

Tom started his professional career in pastoral ministry in the late 1980s having earned a Master's Degree/ Licentiate in Theology and Morality from the Alphonsian Academy in Rome, Italy. After serving in that capacity for 5 years, he returned to graduate studies at the University of WI-Milwaukee and received a second Master’s Degree in Social Work. The foundation of Restore Counseling & Recovery is guided by his innate passion to advocate for those who dream to have a better life.


Through the next 22 years, Tom worked in hospital and clinical settings, building therapeutic treatment programs in the area of mental wellness and substance abuse recovery. In January of 2013, Tom opened Restore to be a place of solace: a refuge of empowerment through education and advocacy; offering the security, comfort, and confidentiality of a home-like atmosphere. It is a place where individuals, couples, and families could restore their lives and script stories of greater purpose, personal closeness and meaning. The Mission Statement of Restore Counseling & Recovery is, in our opinion, the single most relevant testimony that we can publicly about who we are.

At Restore Counseling, we are proud to offer exceptionally high-quality therapeutic interventions.

We strive to be different; to be the best in our field. With each interaction, we are committed to healing the

metro-community of Rockford one individual, couple, and family at a time.

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