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Addiction & Abuse Counseling

Restore Counseling & Recovery has a primary commitment in its mission to countering and healing the effects of substance abuse and addiction on individuals and those whom they love. For adult clients, treatment begins with an initial assessment. Clients work with certified clinical alcohol or other drug abuse counselors to explore the role of substance use in their life, understand the effects of substance abuse or dependence, increase motivation to change, develop relapse prevention strategies, and implement desired changes. Programming is available to fit your individual needs, such as short-term outpatient, primary outpatient, intensive outpatient, and relapse prevention training. Adolescent programming is also available but individualized in its programming. Adolescent AODA interventions are inclusive of psychoeducation sessions and individual & family therapy. The clinicians above also treat individual cases of sexual compulsion, eating disorders of a compulsive nature, and pathological gambling with the same commitment to individualized care – group, individual and relational interventions included – as you will see with their substance abuse care.  

Clinicians Specializing in Addiction Therapy


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