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The Restore Addiction Recovery Program

The Restore Recovery Program of Restore Counseling & Recovery is an intensive outpatient substance abuse and compulsive behavior addiction treatment program.   It aims to provide care to clients that are:


  • Age 18+ and have a primary concern with substance abuse or chemical dependency OR are struggling with a loss of control regarding a compulsive behavior (e.g., gambling)

  • Desiring to remain engaged in their employment and family life while engaging in treatment.



Clients begin their participation with The Restore Recovery Program with a comprehensive chemical dependency assessment. After this assessment is completed, our certified clinician will consult with you and construct an individualized program of care that will include input from physicians, certified chemical dependency counselors, licensed relational and mental health clinicians, and recovery case managers. Treatment at each provided level of care in the program will include:


  • Education on the nature of addiction, its negative and life-changing impact on the brain, the experience of early recovery and what stable recovery requires.

  • Developing healthy living (i.e., formation in the management of nutrition, exercise, stress management, relaxation, etc.)

  • Support development (i.e., education and formation in the 12-step tradition, family education on substance abuse and its effects, aftercare, etc.)

  • Spiritual enhancement (i.e., whole-life development, the pursuit of meaning, the discovery of one’s genuine motivations and inherent dignity, etc.)

  • Relapse prevention training

  • Open therapeutic group process focused on immediate sobriety concerns regularly encountered in addiction and recovery work

  • Individual and relational therapy, consultation work with employers available upon request

  • The proper evaluation and use of medication during the period of Post Acute-Withdrawal



The Restore Recovery Program is a 7-12 week addiction recovery program for substance abuse and/or compulsive behavior. It will aid you in receiving the necessary support and education to interrupt the momentum of addiction and regain personal balance and dignity.


To receive the greatest benefit from our program, it is important to commit to engaging and understanding the various and necessary aspects of the program, which includes three (3) group sessions each week. This is the core of the Restore Recovery Program and will be provided each time you participate in treatment. Typically, each therapeutic group session will last 180 minutes.


There is a morning session and an evening session every week:


Morning Session

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Evening Session

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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