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April Lipnitzky

Licensed Social Worker [LSW]

April began her career journey in higher education dedicating more than 17 years of her life serving the students and community members of Rock Valley College and Saint Anthony College of Nursing, in Rockford, IL.  She realized her true passion was providing hope, being a listening ear, championing social justice, and connecting clients to critical resources.  She decided to go back to college at nearly 40 years old to become a licensed therapist while juggling a home, full-time job, and single parenthood.  She comes from a large, mixed ethnicity family with Mexican and Jewish/Polish roots and was one of the first women in her extended family to earn a graduate degree.  She attributes much of her ability to connect with her clients through the life experiences and adversity she has faced in her own life. 


April's ability to connect and empathize with her clients provides a solid foundation for you to get the support you need to move forward in your life.  Her wealth of experience and education provide you the professional, nonjudgmental, compassionate support and guidance you need to manage your anxiety, depression, grief, home/work stress and relationship challenges or personal development through psychoeducation, healthy coping skills, and other supportive and evidence-based means in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere. 

Focus populations include:


  • Young adults through to senior adults, interpersonal relationships


Modalities utilized include, but are not limited to:


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Family of origin

  • Mindfulness

  • Strengths-based, and solution-focused therapy.

Professional affiliation:  NASW (National Association of Social Workers)


April is married and has one adult son.  She enjoys time with her family, traveling to learn bout other cultures, adventuring with her husband on her motocycle and soaking up too much sun whenever possible!   


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