I’m writing you in hopes of you really feeling at least a glimpse of my appreciation towards you, Tom, and to have you read in writing the fact that a person’s life is in the process of stepping away from the road of self-destruction and slowly growing/ creating happiness and value.

If we go back to last December,  I was sitting on my bed using one hand and my mouth to tie a tourniquet around my arm.  While picking up the prepared syringe/needle, I glimpsed into the road I was heading down and saw myself 10 years later as a homeless, poor, junkie.   Reality began to dawn on me that maybe I wasn’t in as much control as I’d been telling myself.

At that point, after using, I prayed to God for help. I prayed for the power to overcome the mess I was in with my addiction.    I prayed for hope and to find happiness again. I asked for some miracle to take place so that I could find myself again, and not this addict I’d become.

Later that week a friend told me that she thought I needed help outside of myself, but I said that I could overcome this on my own.    The next day I had to meet my mother at the mall for something.  I’d shot-up in the parking lot before walking into the mall. After spending 20  minutes  with  my  mom I was telling her good-bye because I needed to go.  While she goes to hug me, she looks into my eyes and I could read the emotion in hers.   She asked if I was high, which I denied.   She then grabbed my arm, out in the food-court area of the mall, and pulled up my sleeve.   Of course she saw the fresh bruises and marks.   I pulled my arm away and said a few mean things to her and stormed off and jumped in my car. That night I received a text message from my mother that said  “I guess I just need to come to the reality that my son is a junkie”.

I wrote all of this to get back to that feeling of being connected.   Today after leaving your office, I felt that connection.   I feel that that prayer I made months back was answered.   Without your guidance, I’m not sure where I would be right now.   Granted, I have a long way to go, as does every person in life, I feel that it’s beyond coincidence or chance that you are my counselor.

Thank you again. I hope that by reading this, you can feel some of the impact your work has had on someone’s life.   I was slowly killing myself, day by day. Now, after leaving your individual sessions, life is gradually being created once more within me.

Andrew M.     –    9/8/2011

I am an alcoholic who had tried several times to quit drinking on my own, without success.  This program combined with regular attendance and participation in AA has helped me put a method into place that is working very well.  I have been able to maintain sobriety now for over four months.   It feels good!!

In the beginning, I was apprehensive.   Tom made me feel comfortable early on in the process.  The sessions quickly became enjoyable and I looked forward to coming.   The combination of the open sharing group followed by an educational portion was a good mix.   The sessions were not boring or stressful, the time went by quickly and I don’t feel they were too intense.

Before treatment, I could go for only about two weeks before relapsing.   The groups and treatment educated me on the relapse process and how it begins long before the first drink.   Learning about the physical effects of alcohol and how to be mindful in my thought process and the necessity of a maintenance program were also very beneficial.

I would highly recommend Tom Mlodzik to anyone who is serious about living without acting on their addiction.

Ken T.    –  11/24/12

A little over a year ago, I was at a very bad place in my life. I was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. I had known for quite a few years that I had a problem, but I was afraid to get help. I was at a “jumping off point”. I was out of money, I was not taking care of my responsibilities, I had been arrested for the first time at the age of 36. I was scared that I would lose my job, my house, and my children if I continued on the path that I was on. I knew that I absolutely could not go on living the way I had been living, but I did not think it was possible for me to stop drinking and using. I couldn’t imagine my life without alcohol and drugs. I had very little hope. I was scared. I often wished that I would not wake up in the morning. I was sick and tired of being miserable. I finally had the courage to pick up the phone and make the phone call for help. I felt so relieved. At the time, I had no idea how instrumental that phone call was in changing my life!

Upon meeting with Tom for an initial intake appointment, he told me that the outpatient program seemed like it would be a good fit for me. It would be possible to work recovery while continuing to go to work every day and living at my home with my 12 year old son. I started IOP the following week.  In addition to the IOP group work, Tom worked with me individually throughout my recovery to get to know me in order to design and individualize my treatment plan. Through group work, addiction and relapse prevention education, and my individual work with Tom, I acquired the knowledge and tools that were essential to getting and staying clean and sober. I also discovered the tools to begin healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Although the first months of my recovery were not easy, I cannot put into words how rewarding and worthwhile every step of the journey has been.

On January 28th, 2013 I celebrated a year clean and sober. A year ago, I could not imagine going a day without drinking or using. I had very little hope. At times I hoped that I just wouldn’t wake up in the morning. I was scared. I felt terrible about myself. I just couldn’t understand how things had gotten so bad. I have not had to drink or use any substances in a year.  I am so thankful to be free from addiction today.  I am thankful for every moment that led me to this new, amazing life that I have discovered. I am grateful for the help, support, education, and tools that I received from the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Beth J.  –   2/1/13

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