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A Silver Lining? Free Telehealth Therapy!?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Big kudos to many insurance companies right now! In response to the increased mental health challenges resulting from COVID-19, (stressed anyone?) many insurers have eliminated co-payments and deductibles for counseling services through this outbreak!

Call our office NOW to ask about whether your insurer is offering this wonderful resource at NO COST TO YOU!

Particularly if you were holding off on getting therapy before because of a high deductible!

Particularly if you, like everyone else, is getting stir-crazy being stuck at home!

Particularly if being at home with your spouse, kids, roommates, etc. ALL THE TIME is making everyone a little less patient and a little more cranky!

Particularly if you are running out of streaming TV shows and movies to watch!

Particularly because many of us have a lot more time on our hands!

Particularly because ALL of us could benefit from refocusing on our relationships during this stressful time!

Particularly because....YOU DESERVE IT!

If not now....when?

Take care of yourself, and your family! We offer individual, family and couples counseling through telehealth (video and/or telephone services) at this time.

Contact us to check on your coverage! or call us at 815-708-7392! We are available for your calls from 9-5 Monday-Thursday and 9-12 on Fridays. Leave a message if necessary. Restore is here for you!

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