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The Blitz

As these Corona days tick by, each one feeling incredibly familiar, I pass the time reading a book, a rare indulgence which I normally afford myself only when on vacation. As I delve into my new book, I realize the irony of what I happen to be reading in relation to the state of the world around me. I am reading The Splendid And The Vile, by Erik Larson, one of my favorite authors.

The book illustrates how Churchill, immediately after being elected to Prime Minister of The United Kingdom in the height of WWII, demonstrated his political brinkmanship and true leadership as Hitler invaded Holland, Belgium and France...and soon began a relentless bombing campaign on England to force their surrender. For nine months, night-after-night, Germany relentlessly bombed England, killing over 45,000 Britons.

The book takes me away from today's political dysfunction and illustrates true leadership. It is about Churchill, his family, and those closest to him...offering an incredibly inspiring snapshot of the citizens of the United Kingdom...their courage, their strength, and their resilience through a horrific ordeal.

I am struck by the incredibly positive attitude these individuals possessed as their homes, family, friends and neighborhoods where being reduced to ashes. During the bombing raids which happened nearly every night for 11 weeks, Londoners lay in their beds, bombs dropping all around them, air sirens going off, anti-aircraft guns firing in a constant rhythm, feeling, as the bombing would come to a temporary end, a sense of exhilaration for having survived.

Can we somehow share in this incredibly positive daily reflection in our challenge of surviving the Coronavirus? Can we not boost one another up emotionally and spiritually? Can we each do whatever possible to inspire others to have a positive attitude regardless of what our national leadership offers us?

Can we not find, in ourselves and in one another, the courage and determination to look at the bright side of our daily struggles and know that there are brighter days ahead? I challenge you to add to that chain of positive people who will strive to make the world a better works and in attitude. We are all in this together!

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