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Do you offer Christian Counseling?

Yes, we do on a case by case basis.  The mission of our agency is “To restore in every person health, balance, and dignity; to empower lasting and meaningful relationships; and to strengthen personal integrity and inner peace through therapeutic encounters designed to heal brokenness and to restore goodness to human life.”  We will respond to your mental health goals using a Christian orientation if it is requested and valued by you.


Do you offer in-patient care? 

No, we do not.  We are exclusively an outpatient facility.  We refer to in-patient facilities based on a client’s need.


Do you accept Medicaid/State Insurance?  

No, we do not.


Do I have to have insurance? 

No, you do not.  We can set up self-pay arrangements for individuals without insurance.


Do you have IOP services for sexual addiction?  

No, we do not, but we do offer individualized treatment options for individuals with compulsions/process addictions.  Treating compulsions and process addictions are one of our specialties.  Call our office to set up an assessment so that we can best address your treatment needs.

Do you offer Anger Management/Domestic Abuse courses? 

No, we do not, but we have several therapists that offer excellent individual, couples and family therapy regarding these issues. Each hour can be counted toward court ordered treatment.

Do you have IOP services for gambling addiction? 

No, we do not, but we do offer individualized  treatment options for individuals with compulsions and process addictions.  Treating compulsions and process addictions are one of our specialties.  Several of our clinicians have received extensive training in this area.  Currently, we are considering adding a Gambling Addiction IOP to our treatment options.

Do you offer DUI classes? 

No, we do not.  However, we do offer Illinois certified/DHS-SUPR licensed treatment services for alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.  Call our office to set up an evaluation to meet your needs.


Do any of your therapists speak Spanish? 

Unfortunately, we do not have anyone presently who speaks Spanish.


Do you have a psychiatrist on staff? 

We do not.  Psychiatrist services must be secured outside of our agency; however, will collaborate closely with multiple physicians/psychiatrists in the community to optimize your treatment.


Can anyone there assist with prescriptions of Suboxone? 

Not on site, but we are able to link clients to a competent provider.


Can I get Methadone at Restore? 

No.  We do not offer Methadone treatment.  Remedies of Rockford is the only Methadone treatment provider in the metro Rockford area.


Do you do couples/marriage/relational counseling? 

Yes. We have several excellent providers who offer therapy for couples and families.  We are well known for our relational counseling.


Do you take Humana insurance? 

At this time, we are out-of-network with Humana.


Do you take Quartz Insurance? 

At this time, we are out-of-network with Quartz.


Do you offer payment plans? 

Absolutely!  We can work with individuals to make therapy affordable to them.  Call our customer service team to inquire about the options we offer.


Are co-payments due at the time of service. 

Yes.  All co-payments are due at the time of service.


Do you offer a Mental Health IOP? 

Not at this time.


Do you treat PTSD/Trauma? 

Absolutely!  We have several providers who are very well-trained and experienced in treating PTSD and Trauma, including first responders.