What Intensity of Treatment Is Right for Me?

Residential care? Intensive outpatient? Day or partial treatment? Inpatient detox services?  Selecting the wrong level of care can be a costly decision.  Motivated clients in the wrong level of care may still find themselves frequently relapsing, depleting valuable resources, hurting one’s self-worth and confidence,burdening relational support further, and robbing the client unnecessarily of a personal belief that (s)he can get past this.  What intensity of treatment is right for you? The level of substance abuse and compulsive behavioral treatment best suited for you depends on many factors.  These can be addressed in an initial chemical and behavioral addiction assessment considering these factors.  They may include:

  • The substance(s) or behavior(s) you are engaging
  • The amount and frequency of your current use/behavior
  • Your prior addiction treatment history
  • Your current motivation to change
  • Your medical, psychiatric and stability of personality
  • Failure that has occurred at previous treatment attempts

All substance abuse treatment programs prepare clients to return to their previous environment with new skills to help them maintain long-term sobriety, prevent relapse and continue life-long recovery. However, depending on the unique profile of the person, one’s initial journey into recovery is unique. The appropriate level of care for you and your journey into recovery will be determined by you and your clinical therapist prior to entry into the Restore Recovery Program of Restore Counseling & Recovery. Experience has taught us an important truth in addiction treatment: that initial involvement in a clinical program linked after several weeks with a personal commitment to a program of maintenance for sustaining recovery is necessary to come into long term sobriety.  There is no way around this.

How Long Will I Need To Be In Treatment?

Clients are admitted to the Restore Recovery Program using criteria set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).  At the time of your assessment, if it is determined that a higher level of care than outpatient treatment is necessary for you (i.e., inpatient substance abuse treatment or residential treatment), a referral to an appropriate more intense program will be made by our clinical addictions therapist at that time.   Our clinicians are trained to be honest, direct and respectful – even when the circumstances make it difficult at times for a client to hear what may be difficult for them to accept.

The length of stay in recovery for each client is also influenced by criteria set forth by insurers regarding the medical necessity of one’s ongoing care. Individual resources as well as client progress and motivation are key factors influencing length of stay.   As you begin your work in our recovery program, our trained staff will work with you and your insurance company to determine the benefits available in your unique situation to reimburse your needed treatment services.

Currently, our intensive outpatient recovery program is a 7 to 12 week program integrating open process group therapy, individual consultations, family and/or relational therapy, and psychoeducation on the various aspects of the addictive disease and recovery process.   For more details on the content of the program, click on the link below to examine:

To learn more about how to begin your personal journey in the Restore Recovery Program of Restore Counseling & Recovery please call 1-815-RESTORE or click the link below to discover how to get started.

Getting Started in the Restore Recovery Program

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